Dear Parishioners of St. Paul,

  “When they measured it out  by the omer, he who had gathered a large amount did not have too much, and he who had gathered a small amount did not have too little. They so gathered that everyone had enough to eat.” Ex. 16:18

Having enough to eat is usually not a problem many of us face on a regular basis, but what about spiritually? Is our hunger for Jesus being meet or are we looking for more? That has been a topic with which the pastoral council of our parish has been grappling with the last year. As we all know there isn't anything as a “free lunch”. So that is why we are introducing the sustainable offertory program for our parish.

We have discussed outreach to the elderly who needed that extra helping hand or a ride somewhere. We have talked about the youth of our parish and opportunities for them. We have celebrated over one hundred years of catholic education with our parish school. For last few Christmases and Easters we have handed out books to stoke the fires of faith.

We also look at what we do have and maintaining it and building on what was given to us to carry on the faith at St. Paul's parish and school. The price of everything goes up and yet we look to pay our teachers what is just and see that we fall short. They offer their service as a true sacrifice on behalf of our students. Our school building is well taken care of on a daily basis but there are always upkeep with larger projects that have been put off because of other emergencies. But good windows and bathrooms that are fully updated are needed.

As you do at home, you look at your budget and plan. That is what the parish is doing with the Sustainable Offertory Campaign. There are always many needs. Nonetheless, as a parish family we can answer those needs by pulling together and planning for the future.


-Fr. John Potaczek